Another Monday Rant

Two X chromosomes and an I.Q. above 85 is a bad combination. It means that not only are you a woman, but an intelligent one. Which means that you don’t necessarily go into ecstatic convulsions at the prospect of doing housework. I have just spent nearly the entire weekend cooking and cleaning and generally playing the happy housekeeper. The parents were out of town. And instead of doing the smart thing i.e. inviting my friends over and having a blast, I didn’t. Because that’s what fun people do. Me, I cooked lunch on Saturday, went to work, got frustrated, rode all the way to the Kemp’s Corner Crossword, picked up a Piers Anthony, had dinner with S, came back home and watch Gothika till I fell asleep.

And then, I woke up on Sunday and cooked and cleaned and cooked some more and cleaned some more and got disgusted and watched Mean Girls and cooked dinner and went to sleep, totally spaced out.

I will throw up the next time I see a pressure-cooker, I swear.


Hyde said…
IQ over 85 indicates intelligence? Doesn't 100 mean average?

Oh, please email response. I prefer taking this "offline" :-D

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