Attention All Personnel

This is to inform you that heat sensors have been placed in Veda's chair. The moment her butt touches the seat, these sensors will relay an "Occupied" message to all systems, thereby giving them full and free license to attack Veda immediately with new briefs, job status requests, job-lists, copy-check and artwork requests, brainstorm updates, work-related phone-calls and any other tasks that will keep her brain completely occupied. The only way she can escape this onslaught is by running around like a headless chicken and trying to do everything at once, at which she will, of course, fail and thus achieve a complete crash of all her mental and physical systems.



Matt said…
lol !! Im getting a very 'Starship Enterprise' like image - except for the headless chicken part !!
Veda said…
Really? What do you imagine they ate on the Star Ship Enterprise?
Gogu Kaizer said…
We eat chicken there. And also road kills.

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