Bow. Stutter. Fumble. Start.

(Hold your breath. Easy now. Do this slowly. Don’t make any sudden clichés.)

It’s been a year (dammit, there you go). I’ve actually kept up this blogging thing up for a year. It started out as … I’m not exactly sure what it started out as. But I do know that I didn’t see it lasting this long.

Somehow, miraculously, it has.

Even more miraculously, so have I.

And perhaps most surprising of all, so have you.

You’ve read, critiqued, loved and told me you’ve loved (which is really what it’s all about, when you get down to it).

So, first task at hand, acknowledgement where due.

To Jerry then, for giving me the idea of having a blog.

To Archer, for being a demanding reader and general Mr.Fixit guy.

To Koltrain and Madusa, for being effusive in praise and silent in criticism.

To 32cats and Tanmay for dropping by and dropping lines.

To Anonymous and Deftone for all the detailed feedback.

And to Gyuri, Meanjari and all the rest who visited, read, commented, linked and came back for more. Thank you.

And Happy Birthday.


Matt said…
Happy Birday - like you say it !!
Anonymous said…
Whoooopie!!!! Toooootoootoootooo. Happy Birthday.

Tan tan tan tantatan, tan tan tan tantatan. (Hum: Theme Darth Vader)

- Archer
Hatti paadla poo poo
Hatti paadla poo poo
Hatti paadla poooo poooo poooo
Hatti paadla poo poo

Anonymous said…
aw! geez , (blush , blush) thanks.

and happy the budday to you
Tanmay said…
Happy Badday to yhuuuuuuuu
Happy Birthday dear Veda
Happy Badday to yhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... mentioned me..?!?!!

*Breaks into tears*

(Okay, maybe the coming year you visit my blog too, yeah?)

PS: I'd thought I'd stave off any cliches, but I don't have the heart to leave without saying it.

It's been fantastic reading your blog, I swear. Please keep writing!
Jerry said…
Happy Birthday... and Thank you for the mention... I'm humbled...

*tries to bow but is stopped by his big paunch*
Veda said…
Erm, Lug, dude, can't seem to be able to publish your comment. Want to repost it?
Anonymous said…
Erm,Veda, much venerated lady of our times, which comment ?

and "can't seem to be able to publish" , really trippy structure :)

Veda said…
The one where you say "that wasn't me, call me lug" something.

Much venerated makes me sound about 90 years old, by the way.
Anonymous said…
that, young un, went to the quick tell me why my life woody allen something post
Veda said…
Oh. Ah. Ok then.

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