February Rain

Yes, I know, obvious pun happened there.

But so did the rain.

The weather outside is perfect right now - cool, dry and cloudy. Just the kind of weather, in fact, to sit in the post-shower daylight outside a coffee-shop, sipping a hot cappuccino, blank sheets of paper and a black ink fountain pen at hand, or perhaps a good book or an interesting conversation.

Absolutely not the kind of weather to ride to work in a terminally long traffic-jam, nearly skidding on the mucky road, narrowly missing a truck that has thoughtlessly rammed its brakes too late.

Oh, who am I kidding? My heart's not in this rant. I'm a sucker for the rains. And with Valentine's freakin' Day just two days away too. Dammit.


vee said…
Certainly can't be bitchy today even if you try. Trees look perfect, you see.
bobbarama said…
I have always loved the rain. Soothing somehow. If you're in the right mood, there's nothing better than the sound of rain outside.

Nice blog. You've got a lot to say and you say it well.
Veda said…
Thanks Bob. Right back at ya, by the way.
Yes, the week started delightfully well. I splished-splashed to office on my bicycle. But i ended up doing a 2-day shift. Yesterday was the third time, since last week, I rode to office on my bicycle. And every one of those 3 bike-days elongated into 2-day shifts. You could call it coincidence but i think it might be the bicycle. I couldn't agree with Calvin more.

"My bicycle is trying to kill me!"


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