FOAD Thursday

For keeping me awake when I wanted to sleep, night after night after night.
For forcing me wear jeans rather than short skirts, shirts rather than halter-necks.
For invoking my anger, my frustration, my tears.
For ruining every vacation I've taken with your inescapable presence.
For making me thirst for your blood, as you do for mine.

Fuck off and die, Mosquito, fuck off and bloody die.


Ha ha ha... very nice... i like...

Vee said…
Very cute, that.
Lee said…
I am so with you there! The other night we forgot to put on the Mozzie repellent thing and paid for it!!!

Oh and you've got special mentions on one of my latest posts too!
Veda said…
Wow, my very first plug. Yay! Thanks, Lee.

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