What Made My Day Today

This morning, I opened the Mumbai Mirror for my usual daily dose of nonsense. And to my satisfaction, I found not just that, but so much more. In the column called 'Ask the Sexpert' (the Times group is big on bad puns - one old tsunami headline read 'Burial of dead is a grave issue').

This is what I read:

Q. Will I get AIDS if I have anal sex with a girl who has the virus?
A. Probably yes - but where do you get such weird ideas?

Ah, happy morning.


Anonymous said…
Looking at what made your day today makes me wonder about the rest of it.
Veda said…
Actually, that just made my morning. The rest of the day wasn't quite that ridiculous :)
Aroon said…
heheheheh i read tht myself.. it was quite funny. sme of these guys ask the most stupidest of things..

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