A Chord Struck

Has music changed your life in any way?

Has it made you think harder or feel more strongly than before? Has it left you with cold feet, weak knees, a pounding heart and a dazed expression? Has it entered your ears and taken a short-cut to your soul without really bothering to visit the brain or the heart? Or has it simply taken control of your body without so much as leaving a polite note? Can you imagine how life would've been if you hadn't heard 'Smoke on the Water' or 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' or 'Kashmir' or 'Wish You Were Here'? Can you remember the time you didn't really know the words to 'Comfortably Numb'? How about the time when a song made you sit up and say "Hey, I know that feeling and that's exactly how it feels!"? Do you remember your first song dedication and the reaction it caused? Can you recall being mocked for your taste in music and defending it hotly? Can you recall how quickly you stopped caring because all that mattered was the way the world shut down when the music started? Do you remember the song playing when you first kissed? The song playing when your heart broke? The song that mended it?

And do you remember the song you were listening to when you realised, without doubt or hope, that your life would never, ever be the same again?


Rohit Talwar said…
And once again, I am in love with your writing.

Being mocked at, err that always happens. Those who think Progressive or Metal is 'loud' and 'senseless' should (insert your own gross line.)

List your favourite bands here, please.
Veda said…
Mine? I listen across genres actually, so I don't have a particular one. GnR, Aerosmith and loads of others, I guess.
Tanmay said…
Aah, I have the answers for most of those questions.

How I wish you were here is the drunken anthem.

Rohit Talwar said…
Ah, Tyler - Demon of Screaming! I love this particular statement.. "Sex, drugs, and rock & roll... Take out the drugs and you have more time for the other two."


Have you ever tried progressive stuff?
Veda said…
Rohit - some consider Metallica progressive metal, but I assume you weren't going for that. :) What exactly do you mean by progressive then?

Tanmay - completely know what you mean.
Rohit Talwar said…
Metallica isn't. You're right.
Progressive would possibly be Porcupine Tree, Yes, Rush, Opeth (progressive metal/doom), Dream Theatre (a ridiculously talented band but end up doing so many covers.) Stuff like that. Porcupine Tree is a personal favourite..I'd suggest you try getting their albums. If you play a particular track you might not get the drift but if you listen to the complete albums, you'd know.

@ Tanmay & Veda
And Floyd.. man, there's nothing like Lost For Words or Saucerful of Secrets.
Veda said…
Heard some Dream Theatre a long time back. Will give Porcupine Tree a go. But for the record, am not a hardcore Floyd fan or anything, just a few numbers.
Anonymous said…
I haven't met any of the people above and i am surprised to find similar interests/tastes ..so much so that I thought i;d have apssing by metnions of some of my favortites
Time -Pink Floyd
High Hopes - Pink Floyd
I am the Highway -Audioslave
Down in a hole - Alice in chains
Scar tissue -red hot chilli peppers

this blog really makes me think -- thanks
TS said…
I can't remember the last time a post made me nostalgic.

Fuck (am I allowed to say that?)

Some songs that COMPLETELY do it for me these days:

Tunnel of Love: Dire Straits
Be Yourself: Audioslave
Come Alive: Planet Funk
Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai: KK
May It Be: Enya

Give them a listen, if you haven't already.
Chikki said…
you write the way i wish i wrote.

the kind of magic floyd weaves for people, Coldplay and U2 do for me.
Anonymous said…
I still haven't found what I'm looking for -U2 (also the video)

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