Scent of a Man

I bought a perfume today. And like a horribly unfaithful person, promptly fell in love with another scent just moments later.

I don't usually buy perfume as often as say Archer or Koltrain or even MagicPants. But Escada Signature just sort of took hold of me today and I ended up spending an obscene amount for a tiny bottle. And just while I was paying for it, MagicPants gave me a whiff of Burberry London for men.

You know how some smells just trigger off mental images in you? Burberry London sparked off an entirely delightful set of those - beige linen, green meadow, coffee, amber, yellow light, wooden furniture, large glass windows, green eyes, smirks and so much more. I held the little white paper strip to my nose the whole time I was having my cappuccino (yes, Smiley, MagicPants and Mini-me were very amused).

What's pissing me off is that both these perfumes seem so damn familiar. It's like I know someone who wears them or wore them at some point. A long, long time ago.

Apparently a perfume smells different on different people. And apparently, you fall in love through your nose. All I know is this: if men were perfumes, I'd be hooked to this one for life.


Janefield said…
if only women had a 'nose' for the right kinda man, the way it is with perfumes!
Rohit Talwar said…
Only if women were like beer bottles... HEINEKEN!!!
Anonymous said…
well women are like Beer (and i hope i dont start an uproar here :) )
All men are excited about beer, coz its beer! u enjoy the first few sips .. just half way through, Beer fills u up. before you know you struggling to finish the bottle u have in your hand ... BUT when its all said and done all you need is a refreshing pee ... to make you start craving for another :)

on a different note ... try sniffing unforgiven -- sean john :)
Veda said…
Oh, I'm not sniffing any perfumes for now. Just went and bought Isis for Women fron Marks and Spencer. Somebody stop me!

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