Questions, questions

What's the braver thing to do?
Commit suicide or live a life filled with problems?

What takes more guts?
Fighting injustice or tolerating it?

What's more difficult?
Breaking someone's heart or moving on after your heart breaks?

What takes more out of you?
Success or failure?

What's more redundant?
Questions or answers?


Mystique said…
i shall try to answer all your rhetorical questions....

Suicide is the easier way i guess it is kinda would be far braver to live through whatever you're facing, because like everything else, it, too will pass.

we see injustice being tolerated all the time....braking free and fighting long pasts of injustice takes a lot of guts....many people don't have that kinda guts, that's why we aren't fighting back as much as we should.

since i have neither broken anyone's heart or moved on....(no one to do it with) i wouldn't know. could be different ways....which takes more?
i don't know.

neither questions nor answers are redundant....

yea, this is just my take on it....
Anonymous said…
Why don't you just tell us and save some time?
DefTone :)
Veda said…
Deftone, I'm not saying anything till you answer my earlier question, computer-crashes notwithstanding!
TS said…
I don't need this on my day OFF! You're supposed to be FUNNY.

Veda said…
Yeah TS, but I'm also supposed to be sarcastic and thought-provoking and interesting and a woman of free will.

Mystique said…
hey you didn't even READ my answers did you?
Veda said…
'Course I did, Mystique. Why'd you ask that?
schizo said…
ah veda, what a treat.

*reflects upon the deep questions*
*Finds the answers*
*discovers he is now a woman*

mystique felt left out bec your attention was diverted by the ones who didnt answer you question,

sheesh, must i spoon feed the blog world over carrying all the worlds troubles on my back!!!


Mystique said…
insecurity.*sheepish smile*
Veda said…
Schizo: Welcome to womanhood. My questions didn't necessarily invite answers. Mystique's answers made for interesting reading nevertheless.

And may I commend you on adding baby-sitterhood to your duties as Atlas?
Rohit Talwar said…
I need to get a pack of six beers and think about these. Seriously.
Anonymous said…
Well , my take
(and just coz i hate to be neutral, i'll pick a side :) )

Answers are redundant.
Coz there are more questions that have the answers embeded which make the answers redundant.
There aren't any answers with question embedded, then they woudln't be answers.

Success of course
its only after failures that you succeed (cliched but true) So you have to go through the failures to succeed. If you succeed without failing ... you were plain "Lucky" not successful.

Hmm touch one .. or maybe not practically as an individual its moving on after your heart breaks .. coz u really don't know when and how you broke someone else's heart and even if you did the phrase "I understand how you feel" is a load of crap .. its only who feels knows how deep the pain is
(heheh sounds like a good candidate for one of them fortune cookie sayings )

This is circumstance dependandt, however there is "No guts" in tolerating injustice.
Although it may be wise at times to control the urge to fight it.
"example: not being the girl being raped and killed by some power hungry alcohol drunk polical goon ..... :)

and finally ..
Living through ... is always good. Suicide is a refelx action but fighting through ur problems ... in life is a lot braver
schizo said…
veda, what in my sppech made you think i ahv any brotherly/sisterly feelings for you
women always do this to me
Veda said…
What? Who? What?

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