Standard Update

It's been a crazy few weeks. Stress levels have threatened to burn a hole in the roof. Self-esteem is saying hello from its current home in the basement. Am getting a rather nice tan from the long guilt trip. The mind has given its two week's notice. Work is having a field day whipping my ass. The knee refuses to cooperate unless its demands are met. The nerves have formed a vigilante group that wants nothing to do with me.

On the upside, Bachelor No. 1, nominated by the parents for marital consideration, has backed out without a fight.

On the flipside, for the first time in 26 years, I will not be visiting my family's Ganapati.


Mystique said…
aaah....the unescapable arranged marriage?
why, why, why do they do this to us?
thankfully i have a good ten or so years left for this, and it has been agreed that i shall marry whenever the hell i want to and whoever the hell i want.....IF i get married.
lol...what's your story?
Veda said…
That was the unspoken agreement between the folks and me too.

But my incapability of finding anyone suitable enough is increasing their BP and hence the not-so-gentle efforts at producing said suitable specimen on their own steam.
Anonymous said…
4th year in a row in about the same number of years can't visit my family;s ganpati ..miss those 5 days of family get togehers :(
TS said…

*Bear Hug*
Parul said…
they are gonna force this arranged marriage funda on me very soon ...booohoo..
Veda said…
Yeah Parul, sucks don't it?
schizo said…
feels gooooood to be of "mariagleable" age, yet know you are safe bec you have 6 first cousins elder to you waiting for marriage.
life is good.
at least thre more years of freedom

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