Uncomfortably Numb

After nine straight hours of pasting little coloured pieces of paper on a plain white piece of paper, followed by three hours devoted solely to the colour pink, I have only this post-dated piece of writing to submit.

If one is likely to judge a city on one's first sights, then Bombay isn't going to pass with flying colours. But then, neither is Delhi. Because one of the first sights I saw when I was there earlier this month, was a huge road-sign that read 'World Toilet Summit 2007 and Expo'.

I was later told that Delhi is also home to the Toilet Museum, where one can learn some truly fascinating stuff on the history and evolution of the flushing system.

Good night.


Mystique said…
a toilet museum????
u gotta be kidding me.....
Veda said…
Nope - I wish!
TS said…
And to think I didn't know that!

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