The Taxman Cometh

To all my unborn children:

This is to inform you that none of you will be receiving a liberal arts education. Well, maybe my favourite child. The rest of you buggers are going to study commerce and become chartered accountants so that you can bloody well figure out where the hell your (and my) money goes at the end of the financial year.

Why? Because someone should.

Regards, etc.


Anonymous said…
I agree. My parents are bankers and I work in Finance and I still don't have a freaking clue.

Art said…
Veda, I've added your blog to that blog list thing on my blog. Just letting you know.
Oink said…
what about engineering ? surely ur least favorite child must endure that !!
Mystique said…
why why why must you make your kids suffer in commerce?? no your least favourite must go to medical.
Veda said…
Deftone: Join the club.

Art: Thanks, I've done the same, see?

Oink and Mystique: Engineers, doctors, all pay taxes. Chartered Accountants, on the other hand...

Rage: Glad you liked it.

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