Revenge Most Fowl

Stomachs are like boyfriends. If you don't pay enough attention to them, they get upset.


Miss Lunacy said…
its not just lack of attention, over indulgence upsets them as well :P
=D was it butter/otherpreparationof chicken?

trying to clarify the "fowl".

actually, the boys are fairly worthy of being marinated in ball-syrup. you know, so they can soak up some testosterone to undo their definite doom from ultimate chickenness?

(fine example of rambling on and on till someone asks you, "are you talking to me?")

very nice blog.
and super funky work too.
Veda said…
Miss Lunacy: Really? I thought they wouldn't have a problem there.

the darkling thrush: Thanks, it was a very bad chicken sandwich.

Anand, Gautam and Solitaire: Thanks :)

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