Movie Plug

If there's only one movie you can watch from now till whenever, pick Juno. It's smart, brilliantly written and funny in the kind of way that will make you snort, choke and cough vehemently if you happen to be stupid enough to be drinking something while watching it. No, really - I speak from experience.

And on a random note, can somebody please explain how it is that Johnny Depp is sexy while playing anything from a scissor-handed humanoid, a chocolate factory owner who is disturbingly reminiscent of Michael Jackson, a cowardly inspector in 18th century America, a half-crazed pirate whose father is Keith Richards, and even, I swear, a severely homicidal singing barber in godknowswhen London?

I think it's the accent. But it could just be him too. So basically, yeah, watch Juno.

PS: You might also want to catch the promos on youtube. Particularly the ones with Michael Cera and Jason Bateman. Very Arrested Development Redux.


Art said…
Have you seen No Country...? It warped my fragile little mind.
rishabh said…
Juno was one of the few movies I watched this semester at college and I must say I was impressed. It might be of the cutest performances in Hollywood history.
Anonymous said…
get the soundtrack , get the soundtrack

also please watch "into the wild"

was it?
Veda said…
Art: I haven't. What's it about?
Rishabh: I agree :)
Lug (it was): I have the title track and it's bloody cute.

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