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So here's a quick question:

If you're out shopping one evening for well, evening shoes that you just don't seem to be friggin' getting, for a wedding that you'll end up not attending, and then you suddenly find them in a little cubbyhole that just happens to be having a sale, so you're getting the shoes at a pretty exciting price and then you suddenly spot another pair that you vowed you'd never buy, which is terribly comfortable and available for approximately one-sixth its original price, which can even be worn in the rains, but which is also hideously, horribly, utterly pink, then assuming that you have the money to buy it after buying the evening pair, then would you spend good money on a pair of bright pink Crocs?

Apparently, I would.


Lee said…


I don't even own a pair actually of any colour.
Priyanka said…
Crocs, sure.
But pink crocs, not sure.
iz said…
yeah i would. just went through my second pair in fact.
Ashish. said…
You've answered your question yourself in your post. And Izzy seems to second it.

If you're a woman, then yes.

But then again, I would too.

TS said…
Stupid went to buy a pair of Converse shoes.

Stupid realised they were 800 bucks a pair.

Stupid picked up 5. Including Red and Pink.
Veda said…
Lee: Gee, thanks, I feel so much better now...NOT.

Priyanka: I know, right?

Iz: Thanks for your support *sniff*

Ashish: I KNOW I answered it. That's the point, silly.

TS: Maybe we should form a club. The Bad Shoe Decision Makers Association or something.

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