Season's Greetings

Picture this:

Brother and I are in the car, going for a Diwali lunch with Dad and Commander Uncle.

Me: (all innocent) The weather's so dry suddenly. Dude, you want some lip balm?
Brother: (taking some from the little Bodyshop container I'm holding in front of him) Ok.

Brother: Tastes like orange.
Me: It's Satsuma Shimmer.
Brother: Then why does it taste like orange?
Me: I don't know. It's called Satsuma Shimmer.
Brother: Wait. What the... what is all this glittery shit?
Me: It's not glitter.
Brother: My finger is all shiny!
Me: It's shimmer. Satsuma Shimmer.
Brother: I DON'T CARE! Aaaaa! It's on my face? It's on my face!
Me: Bahahahahahahahahahaha. I can't believe you fell for this!
Brother: (furiously rubbing his mouth) AAAAAA! Is it off?
Me: Nope. Bahahahahahahahha.
Brother: Ok, it's off now, right? RIGHT?
Me: You look like a Maybelline ad. Maybe he's born with it...
Brother: Or maybe his sister is a BITCH!

Happy Diwali, all.


Mystique said…
Vini said…
God made younger brothers solely to redeem the sisters for being constantly told "You are older. You should be responsible"

Ashish. said…
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... Loved this one...
DewdropDream said…
hahahahhahahaha!!! Gotta learn from you! :D

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