Who Watches The Watchdog?

The media is the watchdog of the society.

- Probably from someplace in a Civics textbook.

If you're from Bombay, or even India, chances are you will have received anywhere between twenty to two thousand emails / text messages / Facebook group invitations that in some way relate to the 27 November attacks.

If you're like me, you will have deleted these from your inbox with utmost disgust.

I didn't attend a single candle-light vigil. I left both Facebook groups I had joined in the anger of the moment. I didn't forward any of the petitions I got. I didn't see the point and I still don't.

Because a lot of people went to the candle-light vigils just to check out the chicks. Because I believe there's no dearth of people out there, who're so desperate for publicity that they won't think twice before converting Death By Terror into a cheap media gimmick. Because that's exactly what half the media, including our precious Barkha Dutt, did. For thirty-six hours they were so anxious to get the newest, freshest, goriest piece of breaking news that they abandoned every trace of ethics. It was a feeding frenzy, and we became a nation of stupid, shameless, hungry voyeurs.

I think the people who turned human tragedy into this twisted form of reality TV need to be muzzled. I realise that I may be part of a tiny minority at this point. But just in case I'm not here's where you need to go.


Priyanka said…
I completely agree with you. In fact, I vented on my blog about our irresponsible media as well. I somehow don't see the point of the candle-light vigils where you arrive in the dark with posters against the politicians who you claim don't do anything!! Movie stars, industrialists all vying for attention and the media people for their few soundbytes. Btw, after these candlelight vigils, who cleans the place up?
Rohit Talwar said…
Dude, I am so happy to see this. I remember how pissed most of us at work were, with what Barkha Dutt was doing constantly. Sreenivasan Jain was complete class.
I hope Small Change really does something. I am with Vishal and everyone on this one.
. said…
Barkha Dutt? I have many other stereotypes for her to exploit.
Afrin said…
My Google reader shows me a Merry Christmas post... but I can't see it here.. its hidden? :(
Veda said…
I had actually posted something, but it wasn't funny / good enough, so I took it off.

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