There's More That Unites Us Than Divides Us

If you're a woman in Delhi, stepping out of your house after 7:00 pm is asking for rape.

If you're a woman from Karnataka, going to the pub for a drink is asking for a physical assault from moral fundamentalists.

It seems we've finally found a way to bridge the Great North-South Divide in this country. That it rests of a pathological hatred of women is just fine print.


Mystique said…
and if you're a woman in Bombay?

sigh. India, when it comes to women, lives in the 1800s.
quote from Holy Cow : this country would be better to manage if i had a strap-on penis.

ps how was bangkok?
Anand Sarolkar said…
It really is a shameful incident
Brown Girls said…
Totally agree. The ominous fine print..
Mystique said…
ah, i hadn't read the news before.
now i have.
and I'm enraged. Bloody pig-dog-mofos.
SPIRITed! said…
I love the way you write and I have just about read every single post on this blog. Good going!
Finally, a combination of genuine anger as well as sarcasm. Columnists can never achieve the right balance.

This is an issue which never fails to make me feel physically sick.

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