Let's talk
You and I
I'll open my heart, you can open a vein
And we'll sit and marvel at how long it takes

Let's meet
You and I
See each other the way others do
Not believe what we see, never assume that it's true

Let's love
You and I
Dabble in every cliche from the chocolate to the flowers
We won't be original, darling, but for once it won't matter

Let's part
You and I
On friendly terms for the world
The more we bitch about us, you see, the lesser it hurts

Let's forget
You and I
That we talked, met, loved, parted once
Let's pass in the street as strangers who seem familiar but mustn't.


SPIRITed! said…
This is...stunning.

And I could say "me too, me too" to lots of statements made in the previous post.

You make me want to be like you when I'm old enough to be as old as you are.
Rati said…
Hey! Did you write the poem? If you did, Awesome!
A little influence from J Alfred Prufrock?
Mystique said…
the more you bitch about us, the more we will laugh at you.
I get that a lot.

ps. I'm in Bombay.
SPIRITed! said…
Somehow, I keep coming back to this poem.
Veda said…
SPIRITed: Thank you so much - but be careful of what you want...

Rati: It's all mine. Prufrock influences, I don't know - maybe in metre or something.

Mystique: How're you finding my city then?
VIDYA said…
Wow...the last line blew me away with its careless reference to the fact that the love was,and isn't anymore...

Nice work :)
good stuff. very good infact
Anonymous said…
Quite impressive!

Of course u will never guess who this is:)

if u do, u r a genius.

if u don't, well, u still write pretty well.
Sirop said…
Nice. I like! :)
Vini said…
..strangers who seem familiar but mustn't.

I like the use of 'mustn't'- the subliminal effort.


I also wanted to say a lot of things elsewhere on the last few posts - but I read all of them together and then just lost it all.
Great piece. And a lot of T. S. Eliot (which is the best part). Neville shared it with me on chat recently and I wanted to read it for myself now. This is brilliant.
ananya said…
I have read the last 10-12 posts on your blog. May I suggest something?
Please watch the movie 'Holiday' and do it with a mug of warm cocoa milk.
The combination works wonders, just like a warm hug. tried and tested.

Take care.
Veda said…
Vidya, consciously subconscious, Sirop and Bhumika: Thanks so much :)

Anonymous: Thanks, use a nickname next time so I don't have to guess.

Ananya: What, you want me to weep into warm cocoa, is it? But seriously, thanks for that - very sweet of you :)
hopscotch said…
This has the potential of becoming one of Dylan's songs, you know!

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