This is not a sarcastic post.

Give Ajmal Qasab whatever he wants. Seriously. Food, water, newspapers, perfume. Pickle, flowers, fruit, juice. Archie comics, since he's claiming to be 17. A personal tarot reading.

Whatever. He. Wants.

Then - and this is the important bit - hang him till he dies.

Because the time for moderate, satyagrahi ideals was 1947.
It's 2009 and it's about time we became famous for a justice system that works.


TS said…
Yes, please. Can we already?
Priyanka said…
I know!! Terrorists bomb several cities and we try to hold fair trials for the accused. Its a mockery of our justice system that this guy can prepare for his death and snicker at us and our fairness while his victims couldn't even say goodbye to their loved ones. Do what the Israelis did to Eichmann - hang him.

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