Mars and Venus

This is how a girl sets up her girl pal with a guy friend.

Girl 1:
So there's this guy I know - I met him at Shilpa's birthday some three years ago, or, wait, was it at Abhi's anniversary? - whatever, so anyway, he's really sweet, his name is Ravi. He's a software engineer originally from Hyderabad, loves Italian food like you do, he's into house music and a little bit of trance and he loves old Hindi movies. Oh and he's pretty okay looking too. So... what say?

Girl 2:
Um, does he smoke?

Girl 1:
I don't think so, but I could find out.

Girl 2:
He sounds interesting. We have a few things in common and stuff, so if he doesn't smoke then yeah, I guess it could be fun.

This is how a guy sets his buddy up with a girl he knows.

Guy 1:
Dude, you want to go out with this girl I know?

Guy 2:

Guy 1:

Guy 2:


Saltwater Blues said…
LOL ... how do you know so much about us men? :)
Darshan Chande said…
Haha... well, I don't know exactly, but seems like you are right to some extent. It's funny the way it's put, though. Liked it :)

By the way, if guys are more direct then what's wrong with it? After all, intention is the same in opposite sexes "going out".
Mystique said…
But it's true, innit?
GIRIJA said…
I got dirt from close friend for setting her up the guy way. Am not proud of it but to defend myself i said,"Hey! I dint want to ruin the surprise". Lame.
Usha said…
I couldn't agree more ;)
R said…
Unfair, Veda. Last time I set a friend up with another, the guy even asked if she liked beer.

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