Petty Little Thing

It's a terrible thing, I know,
There's really no excuse,
I should've tried harder not to show
This thing that I'm feeling.

It was so long ago,
That you did what you did
I should let it go,
This thing that I'm feeling.

I should feel some shame
For grinning at your dream deferred
I should really learn to tame
This thing that I'm feeling.

I should, I must, I ought
I could, I can -
But you know what?
I actually rather enjoy this feeling.


PV said…
Been there. Done that. I say live in the moment and enjoy it. The guilt can get you later anyway, damn thing is relentless.
Anonymous said…
Rati said…
OOh what happened? Maimed? Dead?
Veda said…
PV: Amen.

Anonymous: Thanks.

Rati: Naaah, no such luck. Totally different person, totally different act, totally different comeuppance.

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