It's a book! It's a book!

My labour of love, ladies and gentlemen. Now available on Flipkart, Bookadda and for the endearingly old-fashioned, in all major bookstores too.

The blurb:

Ira Bhat, copywriter by day, sleep-deprived copywriter by night, has only one goal: to not go utterly bonkers. In the face of comma-obsessed clients, award-obsessed bosses, blind dates who think she works for the Government and the new account planner who’s looking increasingly interesting…

It sounds easy. But is it? Because when it comes to advertising, somewhere, hidden in the fine print, there may be an asterisk involved…


Suresh said…
As one of the regular readers of this blog, I am sure that your fruit of hard work will be well appreciated!
Best of Luck!
Devika Rajeev said…
Congratulations and all the best! That's a brilliant name for the book, BTW. :D
Anonymous said…
Hi Veda,
Good effort made amidst gruelling schedule. My best wishes for the book to be a blockbuster.

Will read the book and comment on it in a week or so.

Navaneetha krishnan
Da Rodent said…
Congratulations. Good luck with it.

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